One of the most unusual places in the country is undeniably Huacachina, this natural oasis almost lost in sand dunes stretching as far as the eye can see. Sitting at the top of one of the gigantic dunes that dominate the landscape, you will be able to admire incredible and unique sunsets. Aboard a buggy or on a board, you will ride on sand waves whose height exceeds the understanding! Or you can just experience the difficulty of walking through a desert. You’ll felt just like being Laurence of Arabia, it’s guaranteed.

This small paradise, although easily accessible by road and in transport does not awakens, at least for the moment, the crowds enthusiasm. Which makes it even more charming and pleasant.

Getting There

Located 300km south of Lima, Huacachina is reached via the city of Ica, located on the South Panamericana. And there is only 6km separating Ica from the oasis.


Although quite more expensive than most other bus companies, Cruz del Sur is definitely the most reliable and safest way to travel around Peru. They connect most of Peruvian cities and have a two-class service: regular and VIP, and obviously the latter offers incredibly comfortable seats.

Check the timetables, prices and availabilities on

From Lima

Very frequent departures and this 24/7 from the terminal located at 41 Avenida Javier Prado Este.

Express buses connect the center of Lima (Estacio Ricardo Palma) to 500m from Cruz del Sur Terminal (Estacion Javier Padro).
Duration: between 4 hours (express service) and 6 hours.
Price: from $11 to $20

From Cusco

The terminal is 14 Calle Industrial, south of the city of Cusco.
Two departures per day: at 2PM and 6PM,
Duration: 16-17h
Price: ∾ $50

From Arequipa

Cruz del Sur but also most buses leave from the Terrestrial Terminal, located at Av. Andres Avélino Cáceres and Arturo Ibañez.
Three departures per day: 5:30PM, 6:30PM, 9:30PM.
Duration: 11-12h
Price: $29 (regular service), $40 (VIP).

From Ica

It is very easy to reach Huacachina from Ica. You will find many taxis, as well as moto-taxis (tuc-tuc) to get you there.


Banana’s Adventure Hostel – from $24

This little paradise, beautifully decorated, located in the heart of the oasis, not only has a delightful swimming pool where you’ll love to cool off on heat days but also, include the Buggy and Surfboarding tour in the night fees. Which definitely makes it the best deal in town.

What to do

At dawn or dusk, climb to the top of one of the dunes that surround the oasis – it’s easier along the ridge – and enjoy a breathtaking show.

Go for the spectacular the Buggy and Surfboarding tour. They absolutely were one of the highlights of my travel in Peru.